International Black Sea University (IBSU) Faculty of Business Management Consulting

            Business center for startups and entrepreneurship (BCSE) together with IBSU Business Management faculty is glad to announce initiation of a new joint project-“IBSU BMF Consulting”. The project aims to strengthen and develop close relationships with Georgian organizations, business representatives and start-ups, to assist them in various challenging areas and address different issues within the terms of partnership including: Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Audit and Tourism aspects. The International Black Sea University along with the faculty of Business management and BCSE is willing to share its rich experience and contemporary approach to key business competencies, to contribute to the vision of thriving and sustainable business environment driven by innovative local entrepreneurs and a competitive start-up community.

            We hope that the project will serve our mission to facilitate and promote development of the appropriate environment for conducting Start-ups and Entrepreneurship by current students and alumni of IBSU for the prosperity of this country.