Center for Interdisciplinary Research cordially invites you to sign up for the free EXCEL training. Training will be delivered by  MSc. Davit Datuashvili. It is ten(10) days and 10 hrs training. It is projected as an hour for each day starting at 4pm. Training will be held  between Monday, March 14  and Friday, March 25. The venue is 305 B Block. 

Training topics as below: 

1.1 Elementary Statistical functions in excel 
1.2 Sketching Graphs in excel
1.3 Column Chart
1.4 Line Chart
1.5 Pie Chart
1.6 Bar Chart
1.7 Area Chart
1.8 Scatter Chart
1.9 Trendline
1.10 Analysis ToolPak in excel
1.11 Descriptive Statistics
1.12 Histogram Sketching 
1.13 Regression 
1.14 Hypothesis testing in excel  
1.15 T-test
1.16 F-test
1.17 Z-test
1.18 Probability distribution functions in excel
1.19 Binomial distribution
1.20 Normal distribution
1.21 Poisson distribution
1.22 Exponential distributions
We highly recommend you to sign-up the form and click on submit.