Research Centers were created under the supervision of IBSU Silk Road Scientific-Research Institute to build upon taught knowledge of the subject area and foster research into innovative applications. Initially, students will have the opportunity to undertake guided research, where they must choose from a pool of ideas already formulated by the research group. Nevertheless, there is a requirement that guided research involves a significant amount of innovative/novel work. Further research projects will result in publications and contribute to the overall research profile of the university.

The goal is to increase research quality via seminars, workshops and round-table discussions, were field professors of IBSU and Invited Lecturers together with the MA and Ph.D students will be involved; and to provide learning experiences that encourage positive inter-professional communication and interaction, problem-solving and decision making.

Research Centers provide an opportunity for master and doctorate students who would like to obtain valuable work experience in research considering their future career through competing among the assimilated projects in Georgian educational market to form a better way to serve the community.