Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation Direction is the place for simulation that is similar to the work experience. We are creating an atmosphere where everyone can identify main challenges we face in the real world. This is the place where hub members can test theoretical knowledge, implement it and become effective skilled professionals with an absolute vision of our future. In order to stay focused, we help students to identify the clear goal.

The Mission 

To contribute to a knowledge-society by constructing creative choices*, delivering innovative and professional skills to the members of the Research and innovation direction and conducting scientific research to raise awareness about social responsibility.

*empowerment of feasibility, facility, opportunity, chance, position, possibility and proficiency.

The Vision

The Research and innovation direction will be an internationally recognized know-how centre for its scientific research that contributes to the human capital and economic performance of the country.

Our visionary goal is to

  • identify the job the World wants to be done on national and international level
  • deliver this information to the Hub members by constructing assignments received from the local and international companies, government and scientific institutions.
  • form scientific base by emphasizing multidisciplinary research that contributes to the society.
  • use scientific projects to offer recommendations to the beneficiaries of the Hub.
  • achieve sustainable and inclusive development by creating knowledge-infrastructure for business and society

We access this by bringing all together leaders from academia, industry, government and international society to build an innovative approach.


Our Goals

Our goal is to develop tools to create new decisions for chosen fields: to make households more resistant, to support businesses to achieve economic success, exchange experience and knowledge with international companies and to make country more attractive for world over investors.

Our goal is to design joint programs for students, staff and companies that will continually improve employability skills (professional and innovative skills);

  • We are going to implement our approach by organizing comprehensive orientation meetings/trainings/workshops/case-study for Hub members;
  • Conducting regular in-service trainings for Hub members about new basis of competitive skills in the modern society;
  • Creating diverse activities to help students to identify and achieve their goals;
  • To support integration and creation of modern teaching methods (learn by doing new things);
  • To support increasing the quantity and quality of cultural and sports activities;
  • Supporting collaboration with local and international companies, adding value and concentrating on capacity building in the country and abroad;
  • To support improving the current regulation to meet the needs of socially vulnerable students;
  • To conduct and to increase the quality of research, emphasizing multidisciplinary research that contributes to the society;
  • To identify governmental priorities and strategic objectives as well as current global trends and plan and increase the amount and efficiency of relevant researches
  • Increasing the number of opportunities of interdisciplinary scientific research that addresses the societal needs
  • Writing and/or partnering in scientific research projects
  • Supporting and motivating Hub members to participate in research activities;
  • Providing students with opportunities for startups
  • Creating and maintaining the mechanism for sustainable IBSU-industry/business collaboration
  • Holding regular meetings with relevant organizations in order to organize internships, projects, and curriculum building activities
  • Increasing the number of social responsibility projects
  • To support interaction with alumni and identify their needs to address relevant activities by the Hub;
  • Developing joint projects with NGOs
  • Maintaining and updating a database of relevant NGOs in the country
  • Creating leadership projects for Hub members
  • Developing new vision of infrastructure by delivering support in collaboration of business and society;


Involving Students in Research

  • conducting research: working with data (collect, analyze, synthesize)
  • understanding needs and problems of the local and international society
  • creating tools to analyze and write recommendations for the chosen fields
  • creating videos and publishing them on Youtube
  • publishing papers
  • working with international experts
  • funding projects
  • creating outcomes for the society
  • developing new skills and knowledge-based practices


Mission-oriented approach

Science and Society – removing barriers to Innovation

Private and public sectors are invited to our Hub. They work together with our students in delivering science and innovation. The chosen focus makes sure new projects get off the ground quickly and achieve results faster. Our approach creates single platform for knowledge, research and innovation.

Chosen focus:

  • Makes scientific approach attractive to young professionals (especially for students and academic staff) and increase interactions between institutions in achieving financial outcomes.
  • Integrate society in science and innovation issues, policies and activities in order to integrate citizens interests and values and to increase the quality, relevance, social acceptability and sustainability of research and innovation outcomes in various fields of activity from social innovation to different areas.
  • Identifies main attractive careers for young students, and forester sustainable interaction between international/local companies, NGOs and member of Research and Innovation Hub.
  • Encourage people from different professions to engage in science through formal and informal science education, and promote the diffusion of science-based activities presented in our Hub.
  • Develop the accessibility and the use of the results of conducted research.
  • Develop the governance for the advancement of responsible research and innovation by all participants of our Hub, being sensitive to society needs and demands, and promote an ethics framework for research and innovation;
  • Improve knowledge on science communication in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of interactions between scientists, general media and the public.


Innovation – creating a better World to live in

Generating innovative ideas through practical tools, tips and techniques to develop innovative, strategic, and creative leadership start-ups. This will also contribute to deliver growth and jobs in our economy.

Chosen focus:

  • Substantial support will be provided for innovation activities directly aiming at producing plans and arrangements or designs for new, altered or improved products, processes or services. For this purpose they may include prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting, large-scale product validation and market replication.
  • Hub will provide significant support in regulation to foster innovation and standard-setting to facilitate market entry or diffusion of innovations.
  • In the framework of scientific activity Hub will spurt innovation by setting a concrete, ambitious target without specifying the path to reach it and will reward best teams for the innovative ideas.
  • There will also be the piloting of new forms and sources of innovation demanded by companies and government.
  • There will be early implementation of innovation driven Public-Private Partnerships, which will leverage private investment for the development of key technologies and areas, aligned to the objectives of Research and Innovation Hub, with a particular emphasis on systems integration, validation, piloting and demonstration activities.
  • Hub will help our members to gain easier access to financial instruments and equity finance.



From school to Hub (30.03.2018)

On 30 March, 2018, Research and Innovation Direction organized meeting with high school students of Tbilisi. Supervisor of the direction shared experience regarding leadership, presentation and management skills. 

Orientation visit at International Black Sea University (27.03.2018)

On 27 March, 2018, high school students of Tbilisi had a chance to get familiar with the existing projects of research and innovation direction. They participated in the processing of start-ups and presentations.

Winner teams were awarded by prizes.


Consultations and project review with international experts (16-26 March, 2018)

On 16-26 March, 2018, research and innovation direction organized consultations and project review with international experts. 


Georgian products on EU markets (16 March, 2018)

-Agrobusiness: Georgian agriculture and main challeneges to trade with EU

-Agrostragogy and opportunities

-What problems hinder export of Georgian productions

-Research Direction

Speaker/Expert: Tengiz Taktakishvili