CPR is a nonpartisan research institution based at the International Black Sea University (IBSU) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Its vision is developing research and teaching excellence as well as accountable and democratic policy-making not only in Georgia but also in the wider Black Sea region. Acknowledging the importance of various political ideologies CPR’s vision is to help create the world in which the research and teaching are free from bias towards any of such ideologies.


The mission of CPR is based on three major pillars: research excellence, teaching excellence and network building of research and educational institutions and beyond. The goals of CPR include but are not limited to the following:

  • Undertaking unbiased high quality research in political affairs and producing publications in accordance to the established international standards of the contemporary academia;
  • Producing outstanding policy analysis and elaborating policy recommendations for relevant government institutions in Georgia and wider Black Sea region regarding public policy issues not only in domestic but also in foreign affair;
  • Contributing enrichment of teaching and learning practices at IBSU and other higher educational institutions in Georgia and wider Black Sea region by adopting innovative methodology and providing students with opportunities of gaining practical experience through involving them in its activities;
  • Contributing to the network building of educational and research institutions as well as international and local think tanks and NGOs who share the vision and values of CPR;
  • Providing research-based and data-driven consultations for government agencies, international and local organizations, embassies and businesses on political, social and economic affairs in Georgia and wider Black Sea region;
  • Providing formal and non-formal educational trainings for members of academia, political decision-makers, civil society and media representatives in order to assist them in fulfilling their professional responsibilities in a more efficient manner;
  • Promoting and safeguarding democratic values in Georgia and wider Black Sea region.

The mission of CPR is, therefore, of high significance for the societies that are undergoing transformation and aim to become intrinsically democratic.