Series of trainings for students initiated by the Center for Political Research (CPR) together with the Faculty of Social Sciences were conducted from April 25 to May 27. Six training sessions covered three modules: Public Speaking; Critical Thinking and Reading, and Time Management. Trainings were delivered by Grigol Julukhidze (Public Speaking) an Invited Lecturer at IBSU, Levan Kakhishvili (Critical Thinking and Reading) a Researcher at CPR, as well as two invited trainers Teona Buadze and Sopho Balanchivadze (Time Management).

In the framework of the Public Speaking training, apart from discussing the importance of public speaking in today’s world, students learned how to make public speech effective; what skills a good speaker should have, etc. The second training, delivered by Levan Kakhishvili, covered the issues related to thinking critically and reading effectively. During the two-day training students learned what criticism means and why it is important; that criticism is not necessarily a negative phenomenon; and that there are barriers that prevent people from thinking critically. Furthermore, the second part of the training referred to effective reading strategies related to how it is possible to process a large amount of reading materials efficiently. The last training covered tips tricks regarding Time Management during which two invited trainers, showed the participants that efficient time management is the key to getting the most out of one’s day and generally life. During the course students with the help of different vivacious activities and theoretical information realized how much time people waste unproductively. With the help of various exercises like rethinking and reorganizing priorities, the participants learned ways of managing their time effectively.

The trainings were concluded with a concluding ceremony on May 30, during which students were awarded with certificates and shared their opinions with CPR’s team regarding the trainings. In future too, the Center for Political Research will offer students various interesting activities.