Basics of Business

"Basics of Business" is Business Faculty project aimed to teach high school students about business. The project in which the students of Business Management are actively involved has been successfully functioning since 2014. More than two hundred high school students have already participated in the project.

Total of 400 students have participated in the project so far. These 60 students represent different private as well as public high schools of Tbilisi and the regions. Tbilisi trainings have hosted 212 students to our university, including 30 students from school #191 on their campus, 135 students participated in Borjomi, Kutaisi and Batumi regional trainings and 55 students participated in two Russian schools, they were held trainings fully in Russian.

Business Incubator IBSU Idea Lab

Business Incubator IBSU –Idea Lab is student-centered innovative project which aims to support and develop entrepreneurial thinking among students and help them to develop innovative ideas and encourage them to run their own start-ups.

The anticipated result of this project will be already developed start-up prototypes which will be ready to be tested in real business eco-system.

The support of university is supposed to be in the form of the working space for all activities which will be held within the frame of this project and donation of needed funding.

Creative Thinking for Business

"Creative Thinking for Business" is an international students conference, which aims to encourage innovative thinking among students giving them opportunity to improve their knowledge in writing and then presenting business projects. The project includes training program in Project Management which is held by Training Center of International Black Sea University.

Training participants will learn how to assess the business environment, market analysis and structure, budgeting, writing perfect business plan. Students will develop analytical skills necessary for solving existing problems in business. Learn how to motivate employees in methodology, reporting, communication, planning and negotiations technics.

The organizer of the Annual Students Conference "Creative Thinking for Business" is Faculty of Business Management of the International Black Sea University with IBSU Business Club. Leaders and member’s students of club are actively involved in organization and coordination process of the project and their contribution is significant.

Bloomberg Project

International Black Sea University hosted Bloomberg representative who gave an induction on how to use the system terminal at its best. The experience was shared by the members of the faculty of business management as well as university top managers. Bloomberg is an online database providing current and historical financial quotes, business newswires, and descriptive information, research and statistics on over 52,000 companies worldwide.