The mission of the Black Sea Region Geopolitical Research Center (the Center) represents the implementation research in the following fields: geopolitics, political science and international relations, also economics and public relations


Promotion of the lecture course at the Faculty of Social Sciences of IBSU – The role of Black Sea and Caucasus Region in the World Politics;

2. On behalf of the Center and IBSU – writing and publishing the book in Georgian and English related to the role of energy resources in the World Politics and place of Black Sea/Caspian region in the field of energy security (about 250-300 pages);

3.Implementation of the daily researches and publishing articles (including their location at the web-site of IBSU and the Center) and bulletins, which will include the analytical articles on socio-economic and political processes, which are going on in the Wide Black Sea Area;

4.Organization of the training courses, seminars, roundtables related to Black Sea Region and relevant issues with participation of leading experts from Georgia and foreign countries and students of IBSU;

5. Promotion the involvement of the students of IBSU in the different activities (participation at the conferences, seminars, workshops, exchange programs etc.); 

5. Organization the public lectures at the Universities and public and private schools of Georgia on Black Sea Region issues with the purpose of the increasing the public awareness (young generation) about Black Sea Region and activities of the Center and IBSU in the different Regions of Georgia;

6. Organization of the Internships at the Center for the students of IBSU;

7. Preparation of the project proposals and working with the donor organizations in Georgia and abroad for the fundraising issues;

8. Establishment partnership relations with the appropriate agencies (government structures, diplomatic missions, NGO-s, mass-media means, educational institutions etc.)      

7. Working out recommendations for the different Governmental agencies on the issues related to further development and strengthening cooperation in the different fields in the Black Sea Region

The main strategy of the Center represents:

a) Working over the different programs and projects;

b) Organization of the different events – conferences, trainings, lectures etc.

c) Participation in the different events on behalf of the Center;

d) implementation research and based on those researches the implementation of the publishing activities