Mission of the direction is to facilitate development of the appropriate environment for conducting the economic research and to create a new pool of knowledge through provision of analytical studies, which will be accessible for the specialists and distinguished youth working in this field.

Information provided by the Direction will support formation of the unbiased opinion, correct assessment of the current events and design of the strategies which incorporate best practices.


Through cooperation with the leading experts of the country, facilitation of the impartial and qualified research, we will become:

  • Timely suppliers of the most reliable data
  • Research center of the regional significance
  • Innovators in the field of the economic research

Goals & Objectives

  • Supply and facilitation of the qualified and timely research on economic issues;
  • Complex study and assessment of the current economic problems;
  • Application of the economic forecasting techniques;
  • Discovery of new economic opportunities;
  • Provision of reliable information to the local and international organizations and other interested persons;
  • Enhancement of services in the field of economic research and support of scientific activity.


  • Cooperation with the experienced experts, professors, researchers, interested organizations;
  • In-depth research and processing of the available information;
  • Hold seminars, conferences and discussions on economic issues;
  • Application of the models implemented and designed in the leading countries and their adjustment to the local market;
  • Complex study of the economic issues;
  • Involvement of the society in the process of elaboration of the economic policy.


2. Student Conference 

On 29 May, 2017, the Economic Research Center organized the student conference on: “The main aspects of Georgian fiscal and monetary policies”. IBSU and other Georgian universities BA and MA students were welcomed to participate in conference.

All participant students were awarded with certificates. Winner students were awarded with financial prizes and gifts.



Economic Research Direction

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